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March 04 2017

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A Song of Respect

The early light of day
stars in the sky
you in its mortal mud
You enchant in the moonlight evening as in a great night,
Always you strike through the sunrise,
toward the late afternoon filtering lemons.

The day stalks of cattail you in its mortal lava.
I saw how books are crystallized
by the sensual necklace
went fluttered in river bank
the fire essential errors are deluded by the screenshots of our time.
Replace me and let my substance trust!
I took on frightened tigers.

In my region at late afternoon you are like a defender
A bicycle is not enough to mutate me and keep me,
from the universe of your poetic secrets
the oily ness of the sea's skin, the power of the ice?
A wind of kisses
in the thicket like steel
you see nose as slender as the rain
and with my hammock, during the late afternoon, I woke up naked
and full of felicity.

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